Gleaner R6 Series

Gleaner R6 Series

Built to perform where it counts


For eight decades, the Gleaner combine has become known for its unique design and performance. This performance comes from the combination of Gleaner's own patented processes and components and a design unlike any of their competitors.


Gleaner R6 Series Engine



Unleash the Power

The AGCO 84CTA engine delivers 300 hp (224 Kw) for the GLEANER R66 and 350 hp (261 Kw) for the GLEANER R76 at 2,100 rpm. When the engine rpm is pulled down to 1,900 rpm a power bulge of 321 hp (239 Kw) and 375 hp (280 Kw) is available.

This engine features:

  • 24-valve, cross-flow head with four valves per cylinder for increased air circulation.
  • Bosch common rail fuel injection system controlled electronically for better fuel efficiency by the EEM3 electronic engine management software.
  • Wet cylinder liners which are centrally supported and replaceable. The two central supports reduce vibrations of the liners, to minimize the cylinder liner cavitations damage.
  • Turbocharged, intercooled, exhaust gas recirculation and high pressure fuel injection to meet Tier III emissions.
  • 30 hp (22 Kw) automatic unloading boost.


Gleaner R6 Series Feeding System

Feeding System

Increased performance and productivity

For 2008 models the floor of the rear feederhouse has been lowered to allow higher flow of material. Delivered at a constant angle to the concave and cylinder, the GLEANER-exclusive Natural Flow system eliminates twisting and turning of the crop to feed the threshing rotor. The feederhouse pivots at the first chain and the rear chain stays at the same angle regardless of the height of the header. This constant feeding angle increases performance and productivity.


Gleaner R6 Series Threshing & Separating

Threshing & Separating

More efficient threshing and separating

Threshing and grain separation take a different direction in GLEANER R6 Series combines…literally. Unlike other rotary combines, which use in-line rotors, GLEANER R6 Series combines mounts the Controlled Dynamic Flow rotor in a transverse, or crosswise, design that moves crop material in a ribbon-like fashion from the feederhouse to the straw spreader. Crop material never needs to change direction 90 degrees to travel around the threshing rotor. Separation takes place throughout the full 360 degrees of the rotor cage, resulting in lower power requirements and more effective separation.


Gleaner R6 Series Cleaning System

Cleaning System

Cleaner grain

From the rotor, crop material is further processed by an exclusive two-stage cleaning system that starts with a pair of distribution augers, which evenly distribute grain and lighter chaff onto a pair of timed, rubber accelerator rolls. Here, the active pneumatic precleaning system from GLEANER propels grain and chaff through a high-velocity air blast that provides maximum precleaning, removing most of the chaff before it reaches the cleaning sieves. Cleaning capacity and performance are unequalled. Precleaned grain is directed onto a grain pan covered by a layer of grain for gentle cushioning. The uniform distribution of grain is maintained even on slopes and side hills by this system, because gravity is not allowed to affect its placement on the shoe. Lastly, the crop passes through the adjustable chaffer and sieve for final cleaning. However, unlike other combines, GLEANER re-circulates the tailings back to the accelerator rolls for one more cleaning pass, improving grain quality. For hard threshing crops, an optional increase the speed of flow of the material to the grain bin. The R6 Series features a 300 bushel (10,570 L) return-to-cylinder tailings return system is available. It’s a difference you’ll see in the grain tank and at the elevator.

Gleaner R6 Series Grain BinGrain Bin

Harvest more with fewer stops

The GLEANER R6 Series grain handling system has a high capacity clean grain and tailings system. The new 12” (305 mm) grain bin fill auger tank capacity on the R66 and a class-leading, 330 bushel (11,629 L) capacity on the R76. This large tank capacity enables the customer to harvest more with fewer stops to unload, saving time and money. The foldable extensions allows the combine to be only 144 inch (3.65 m) tall for easy transport and storage.

Gleaner R6 Series Unloading System

Unloading System

Unmatched unloading

A swivel style system with 14-inch (356 mm) diameter unloader is standard equipment. The swivel unloader provides long reach and high clearance for safe unloading on the go into high wagons and on uneven terrain. The auger swings from the base of the grain tank and has only one U-joint. New for 2009 the cross auger diameter has been increased to 12” (305 mm) so the unloading is now at an incredible high rate of 4.0 bushel/s (141 L/s). The tube is hydraulically pivoted into a cradle where a sensor informs the operator when the tube is safely stored. Another sensor keeps the tube from accidentally being engaged until it is fully extended.

Gleaner R6 Series Operator Comfort

All day and into the night comfort

The GLEANER operators cab offers a new level of comfort and convenience with excellent header visibility, an adjustable air ride seat and a seat mounted control console that is adjustable to fit each individual. The multi function Heads-Up monitor system keeps the operator informed of the combine systems performance at a glance.

The GLEANER ComforTech II™ cab features 61.2 ft2 (5.7 m²) of tinted glass and 121.4 ft3 (3.4 m³) of interior volume for a comfortable operating environment. The door entry is 41.5-inch (1,054 mm) wide at the upper section making for a comfortable entry and exit. A large rear cab window gives the operator a clear view into the grain tank.

The ComfortTech II cab incorporates a state of the art CAN Bus electronics and control system while featuring the Heads-Up microprocessor based engine and shaft monitoring system. Other features include system diagnostics, interlock, environmental control, and flex logging of combine functions via the CAN Bus interface with the FIELDSTAR® II system. All GLEANER combines come with the integrated FIELDSTAR II yield-monitoring system to track across the fields as standard equipment. FIELDSTAR II uses yield and moisture sensors, global positioning and the unique color touch screen C2000 virtual terminal with video capability.

New for 2009 includes a new redesigned steering column, new foldable instructor seat, new 8 high intense discharge stadium roof light and an optional heated leather seat for maximum confort.





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